Alhambra Hills Open Space

Alhambra Hills Open Space


Sunday, April 17, 2011


We are on the move.


On last Tuesday about 40 of the Alhambra Hills Open Space Committee members met at 7PM at the Planning Commission meeting to introduce ourselves to the Commission.  Jane Moore read a simple statement of our goal---to support the purchase of the Alhambra Hills and Alhambra Highlands as open space---and our plans.


This mirrored our introduction to the City Council at their meeting the previous Wednesday. 


It is less than two weeks since our formation, and our number of supporters has almost tripled. 




A VERY SERIOUS MISTAKE APPEARED ON THURSDAY IN THE MARTINEZ GAZETTE in the article “Commission gives Highlands the green light”.  The article stated “…the Alhambra Hills Open Space Committee, is expected to appeal the decision to the City Council.”  THIS STATEMENT IS TOTALLY INCORRECT. 


Alhambra Hills Open Space Committee is involved only in efforts to secure this land for Open Space through purchase from willing owners. 


AHOSC has no involvement in any other activities regarding the Alhambra Highlands project, including any possible appeal.


The statement below gives clarity to our purpose and goal.





We are a new organization whose goal is the purchase of Alhambra Hills and Alhambra Highlands as open space for perpetuity.   Our purpose is to act as a resource to all who are interested in pursuit of that goal.  The Alhambra Hills are a beautiful natural resource filled with hundreds of heritage oaks, abundant wildlife including endangered species, and the site of unparalleled views in all directions.   


We will work to inform the public and act as a center for citizen involvement.  We will work to support environmental and land acquisition groups and land owners in pursuit of this goal. 


Our Facebook page, Alhambra Hills Open Space Committee, is filled with current pictures and news, and information about events and actions we can all take to help.  We can also be contacted through our  Our website will be up and running soon. 

We encourage all those wanting to save a beautiful piece of our City to reach out and help us work to keep this land as wonderful open space for future generations to enjoy!   

Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves to you, and please let us know of your ideas that would help achieve this goal.  We look forward to all working together to make this dream a reality.





Thank you all for your support.




Mt. Wanda Hike

On Saturday morning, March 10th, an enthusiastic group surveyed the Alhambra Hills with Martinez's renown creek master and hiker, Igor Skaredoff.     

The Alhambra Hills are private property, but much of these verdant hills are clearly visible from the sister site, Mount Wanda. So up we went with the express purpose of viewing the Alhambra Hills and orienting ourselves to them.  Along the way, we learned about these beautiful hills, flora and fauna, and the rich history surrounding the area - including the reading of quotes by John Muir. 

Look our for more pictures of the amazing wildlife and views encounters on this journey!


"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded the stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."  - John Muir  




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